Press reviews of Mairi Gillies' contemporary artwork

The colours of the natural materials are emphasised by Gillies with her use of vials of coloured ink showing the whole spectrum of colour. The lighting of the exhibition lends another element to the works, throwing beautiful lattice works of shadow across the walls. This is a wonderful exhibition that makes excellent use of the internal gallery space and causes the visitor to engage more fully with the environment outside. Highly recommended.
Michael Kynaston, The Skinny, March 2008.

Mairi Gilliesí Formorgyn is most spectacular. A sculptural representation of some eerie machine which siphons colouring from central test tubes and into trapped flowers (or perhaps vice versa). Itís another astute comment on science subjugated by nature and the deserved centrepiece of a fine show.
David Pollok, Edinburgh Evening News, 13 July 2004.

Scotlandís young talent in full bloomÖ Mairi Gillies works with leaves and flowers, echoing Anya Gallacio, but she, too, has her own vision.
Duncan MacMillan, The Scotsman, 22 June 2004

Sculpture, as ever at Edinburgh, is strongÖ Mairi Gilliesí beautiful installation in which hundreds of individual rhododendron heads have been crystallised and wrapped round the rotund form of a septic tank.
Moira Jeffrey, the Herald, July 2004

As names go, the Septic Blossom Bosom Ball is pretty intriguing. And the piece of artwork which bears that moniker lives up to expectations. Itís a massive septic tank covered with thousands of rhododendron heads all painstakingly gathered from the grounds of the Royal Botanic Garden and coated in crystallised sugar.
Julia Horton, Edinburgh Evening News, 16 June 2004.